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Metaphysical Properties of Agate Gemstones and Jewelry

Agate is a stone of confidence and clarity, helping one communicate diplomatically and discern truth from falsehood.  Agates are stones of happiness and joy that decrease anxiety and depression.

Crazy lace agates are grounding stones that help one overcome negativity and bitterness, allowing one to heal from emotional trauma and move on.  Crazy lace agate promotes emotional, intellectual, and physical balance.

Fire agates enhance vitality, zest for living, and creativity.

Energy:  Confidence, clarity, calming, healing
Energy (Fire Agate):  vitality, creativity
Element:  Water
Element (Fire Agate):  Fire
Birthstone:  n/a
Chakra:  Throat
Chakra (Fire agate):  Sacral
Source:  United States, India, Morocco, Brazil, Africa, Iceland

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