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About earthegy


I was having a glass of sangria one night with a friend and she started telling me about her "rocks." She then proceeded to pull a pouch of gemstones from her purse and tell me about each one and what they did. She summed it in one profound statement...  "If you think about how much energy the earth puts into making these stones over millions of years it only makes sense that they still carry that energy."

I was fascinated and hooked. But I didn't want to carry a bunch of rocks around in my purse. I wanted to wear them so I could feel them and see them and hear them chattering on my wrist. And so earthegy began...

Most of the jewelry you see here is handcrafted by me in my house in Virginia.   I have a small house in the historical district of Waynesboro and I live with my two dogs and currently 4 pet chickens.  

When you email "customer service" you're talking with me.  When you interact on the earthegy facebook page you're talking to me.  Nobody else.  

When you shop at earthegy you're supporting a small independent artist and products primarily made in the USA. Your purchase is the end result of sourcing, designing, researching, deliberating, budgeting, sweating, crying, cussing, rejoicing, and devising a method to the madness.  You are buying a unique work of art because you deserve to not wear what the next person is wearing.

If you'd like to know more please visit me on the Earthegy facebook page or my personal facebook page. I always welcome new friends and fans!

If you need to get in touch with me, the quickest way is my email at [email protected].  

All my love,

~Chrisy Bossie

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Chrisy Bossie
Waynesboro, VA 22980
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