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Desert Sage Smudge Bundle
Desert Sage Smudge Bundle

Desert Sage Smudge Bundle

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Smudging with a sage bundle is an excellent way to cleanse your gemstones. Simply hold the burning sage while passing your stone through the smoke. This clears all negative energies that have become attached to your stones but does not energize the crystal. Desert sage cleanses and disperses negative energy when burned, and helps to bring us into harmony with nature. It is often used for space clearing before meditation and prayer.  Simply light the tip of the smudge and blow out the flame.  Hold the smudge over a fireproof plate or shell to catch the smoldering ash.  After use, extinguish with water or sand.

Desert sage covers much of the high desert and plains areas of the Western States.

Desert sage bundles are 4 inches long and smell delicious.   These are Desert Sage Smudge Wands from Triloka that are sustainable harvested by Native Americans with care and respect for the environment.  They are packaged in biodegradable bags and eco-friendly packaging. Abalone shells sold separately.  

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