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Dolomite Monkey Spirit Animal Carving
Dolomite Monkey Spirit Animal Carving

Dolomite Monkey Spirit Animal Carving

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The Spirit Monkey carved out of dolomite.  Dolomite is an earth element gemstone that works with all chakras. The Monkey Spirit totem is creative and imaginative. Its mental agility provides you with inspiration and insight when you need it. The monkey has ability to see both the dark and the light. In their social habitats, monkeys display amazing depths of compassion, understanding, and bonding. Monkeys teach an important lesson of virtuous living. The qualities of monkey are present in the adage, "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil." This proverb is portrayed as three monkeys covering their ears, eyes, and mouth, as a reminder not to listen to or speak rumors, not to be quick to judge the things we see, as all things are not always how they seem on the surface. Dolomite helps you become centered, balanced and calm and relieves anger and fear.

The Monkey Prayer... 
Help me to see truth in all situations with my spiritual eyes. 
Teach me to hear other world messages with my spiritual ears.
Bring to me food for the soul from the gods, 
That my spiritual body may be nourished.

The Spirit Monkey carving is approximately 1 1/4 inch by 1 1/4 inch and each monkey has natural color variation.  These are imported from Peru.

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