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Orthoceras Fossil Specimen
Orthoceras Fossil Specimen

Orthoceras Fossil Specimen

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Orthoceras fossil from Morocco. These very primitive members of the Phylum Cephalopoda were collected in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Approx. 400,000,000 years old, Orthoceras are ancestral cousins of the modern squid and octopus. The word Orthoceras meads "Straight Horn" and refers to its shape. All Orthoceras have chambers separated by walls called Septa. They also have a tube that runs down the center of the fossil called a siphuncle. It is believed that this tube was used to carry gas into the chambers to control buoyancy of the shell.

Fossils range from approximately 1 1/2 to 3 1/4 inches long.  Top side is polished and the underside is raw and smooth.  Price is for one fossil.

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