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Rosewood Copper Orris Pendulum
Rosewood Copper Orris Pendulum

Rosewood Copper Orris Pendulum

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Rosewood Copper Orris Pendulum for divination and dowsing.  The Orris shape is sacred to Aphrodite and widely used for love magic. It invokes physical and spiritual protection, love, romance, and money.  Rosewood is feminine wood associated with the element of fire. It is used for healing, spiritual rituals and love spells. Rosewood increases intuition  and is an excellent healer.

Copper is a metal that's all about channeling energy.  It is the metal of the magician, crackling with electricity and fire,  a conduit between heaven and earth.  Copper is a strong energy conductor that enhances the energy of any stone with which it is used.  Copper is an earth element material that works with all chakras and its natural patina does not inhibit its energy powers.   Physically, copper can strengthen the blood and circulatory system, strengthen the female reproductive system, and increase vitality in men.  Copper supports iron in the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, and it helps the body heal after accident, injury, or surgery.

Total length approximately 11 inches.  These are very lightweight pendulums.

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