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Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Aragonite Gemstones and Jewelry

With their star form aragonite clusters radiate energy outward in many directions, creating a web of energetic force. Within this web, one feels a sense of peace and release as the energy stimulates the healing integration of past wounds or energy blockages. Aragonite Star clusters blend all five elements and create a sense of balance and completion. Aragonite stars are also excellent meditation tools, facilitating connection with higher states of consciousness. 

Blue aragonite is an emotional healer that relieves fear and allows us to find zest in life. It intensifies psychic abilities, increases insight, and helps us deal with stress. Blue aragonite is a stone of compassion and spiritual communication.

Aragonite was named in 1797 after the Spanish province of Aragon where it was first found. Ancient Egyptians believed it prevented hair loss, wrinkles, and bad skin. Because of its high calcium content, aragonite promotes healthy bone formation and joint tissue. Placed under your pillow it can relieve nightmares and sleepwalking. Aragonite star clusters can increase your confidence, relieve panic and fear, and clear and activate all chakras. Aragonite should be cleansed weekly either with running water or sage smoke.

Energy-Stars:  Balance, emotional healing, strength, confidence
Energy-Blue:  Intuition, communication, perception, psychic ability
Element:  Storm (Stars,) Wind/Water (Blue)
Birthstone:  n/a
Chakra:  All
Source:  Spain, US, Namibia, Britain, Morocco

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