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Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Goldstone Gemstones and Jewelry

Because of the copper content in goldstone, it carries the same energy properties at the metal copper.  Goldstone is a man-made "gemstone" produced when copper is added to molten glass and the copper crystallizes. Sometime during the early 1800's, an Italian monk was making glass at his monastery. He accidentally spilled some copper filings into his molten glass and goldstone was born. The recipe for making goldstone was kept secret by the monks, but was handed down through time. The reddish colors are created by colloidal copper. Blue goldstone is made by substituting cobalt or manganese for copper in the recipe.  

Energy:  Energy channeling, circulation, vitality, ambition
Chakra:  Sacral (Gold,)  Throat (Blue)
Source:  Italy

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