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Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Iolite Gemstones and Jewelry

Iolite gemstones are used for spiritual journeys, intuition, vision, creativity, and awareness.  Iolite heals vision, enhances memory, and helps provide restful sleep.  Iolite is believed to assist in detoxifying the body and help treat addictions.  Iolite is a shamanic stone reputed to stimulate visions as it is a very powerful aid for clearing the mind of thoughts and tuning the intuition. The positive energy helps guide you during meditation and allow you to connect with your soul so you can get a better understanding of who you are and what your purpose is in life on earth. Iolite enhances curiosity and helps in building relationships. Ancients believed that it could unlock creativity in an artist.

Because iolite is pleochroic it resonates to both Archangel's Michael and Gabrielle, the Archangel of vision and prophecy.  Pleochroism is a property which produces an optical phenomenon by which the grains of stone appear in different colors from different angles. Iolite was also known as water sapphire, although this term is no longer in use today. The name Iolite comes from the Greek word "ios," meaning violet, and "lithos," meaning stone. 

Energy:  Vision, spiritual journeying
Element:  Wind
Birthstone:  n/a
Chakra:  Brow
Source:  United States, Brazil, Mozambique, Sri Lanka

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