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Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Malachite Gemstones and Jewelry

Malachite is a healing stone, believed to be good for healing a person's heart, soul, and body. It opens a person's chakras, bringing clarity to them. Malachite attracts money, wealth, balance, and love.  

History of Malachite Gemstones

~In ancient Rome malachite was referred to as the "Peacock stone," sacred to the Goddess Juno, whose sacred bird was the peacock.  Juno was enchanted by the eye-like patterns in Malachite that resembled the pattern in her sacred peacocks feathers.

~The Book of the Dead indicates that the Egyptians believed that the goddess of the sky drops stars on the earth in the form of green stones.

~Egyptians obtained their Malachite specimens from the Sinai peninsula. Headdresses of pharaohs were lined with Malachite to raise the ruler's vibrations to a higher level, opening him up to wise counsel.  In Egyptian mythology the hippo goddess Taweret wears a necklace of many beads including malachite to promote fertility.

~In Ancient Greece amulets for children were made of malachite. Malachite stones were attached to an infant's cradle to keep evil spirits at bay. 

~In the Middle Ages Italians wore malachite to protect them from the evil eye and to cure various stomach ailments.

~Russian czars used Malachite for ornaments, paneling, and inlay work in their castles.  According to Russian legend, anyone who drinks for a chalice made of Malachite will have the eternal power to understand the language of animals.

~Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used malachite for jewelry and ground it to use as eye shadow as far as 3000 BC.

~In Germany malachite shares the same reputation as turquoise in protecting the wearer from falling. It has also been said to warn of coming danger by breaking into pieces.

~Malachite has been called"The Magic Stone" for it is said to bring good luck, safe travel, and protection.  It is also believed to bring good health, success, and constancy of affection.  Also called a salesperson's stone, placing malachite in the corners of a business or in the cash register is said to attract business.  

~In the Middle ages, malachite was worn to protect from black magic and sorcery.    

~To dream of malachite signifies major changes in your life for the better.

Energy:  Creativity, confidence, protection
Element:  Fire
Birthstone:  n/a
Chakra:  Heart
Source:  Romania, Zambia, Russia, Middle East

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