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Peridot and Olivine

Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Peridot and Olivine Gemstones and Jewelry

Peridot ensures wealth, love, and good fortune throughout life and removes blockages to receiving wealth, increasing health, and finding joy in life.  Peridot is a stone of luck and abundance, also used to keep away evil spirits and enhance confidence. 

A rare known fact about Peridot gemstones is that they are the gem quality form of olivine.  Olivine is named for its olive green color, spread throughout the sands of the beaches in Hawaii.  Olivine is found in lava, and possibly meteorites.

The Mythology and History of Peridot Gemstones

Peridot is treasured in Hawaii as the tears of goddess Pele.  Pele lives inside the largest active volcanoes and is described as she who shapes the sacred land.  She is the goddess of fire, lightening, wind, and volcanoes.  With every volcanic eruption in Hawaii, it is said that Pele is expressing her longing to be with her true love.  However, because of her fiery origin, Pele is considered a fickle and dangerous force, prone to killing her lovers.

Energy:  Luck, wealth, confidence, manifestation
Element:  Earth
Birthstone:  August
Chakra:  Heart
Source:  United States, Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Canary Islands

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