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Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Tourmaline Gemstones and Jewelry

Golden tourmaline helps with confidence and inner strength and repairs the 3rd chakra. Golden tourmaline is useful for survivors of power abuse, and enhances empowerment perseverance, and self worth.  

Watermelon tourmaline is known for it's pink center and green rind aroudnd the outside. Watermelon tourmaline is associated with the heart chakra, and teaches you the meaning of joy and increases your capacity for healing. It attracts the energy of love and compassion.

Energy:  Calm, joy, will, confidence
Element:  Water
Birthstone:  October
Chakra:  Solar Plexus (golden tourmaline), Heart (watermelon tourmaline)
Source:  Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa, United States, Western Australia, Afghanistan, Italy

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