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Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Aventurine Gemstones and Jewelry

Green aventurine is a gemstone of luck and fortune, confidence and optimism.  Aventurine is commonly considered the gambler's stone and is effective in games of chance.  Wear it while playing poker or visiting the casino and luck will be attracted to you.  Green aventurine is also useful for regulating the heart and circulatory systems.

Blue aventurine is associated with self discipline, communication, perception, and self awareness.  It gives you confidence to handle what life throws at you and promotes responsibility and empowerment.

Red aventurine is associated with the root and sacral chakras and will increase your physical energy, vitality, and sexual energy.  It is also useful for blood cell production and detoxificaiton.  Red aventureine increases confidence and ability to accomplish tasks and grasp your desires.

Energy:  Luck, manifestation, confidence, optimism
Element:  Water
Birthstone:  n/a
Chakra:  Heart (green aventurine), Solar Plexus (blue aventurine)
Source:  Italy, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Tibet, Nepal

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