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Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Moonstone Gemstones and Jewelry

Rainbow moonstone has wisdom and the feminine goddess energy of the waxing and full moon, a calming energy. It strengthens intuition and psychic perception and brings balance and harmony.  Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings.  Because it is strongly connected to the moon, it promotes intuition, and releases emotional instability and stress.  Rainbow moonstone is a stone of vitality, life force, and joy.  It promotes healthy optimism with its great light.  It sustains you through dark times and helps you overcome obstacles and difficult people.  Moonstone is also an excellent healer for the digestive and reproductive systems, and is useful if you have insomnia.

Tips for Using Moonstone Gemstones

You can silence noisy neighbors by placing a stone outside next to your neighbor's boundary. Within a few days quiet and serenity should come.

Moonstone can help dispel confrontation with its soothing and balancing energy.  Place one on your desk at work to prevent office confrontations and reduce work stress.

Holding a piece of moonstone near your pelvic region or wearing moonstone jewelry can relieve menstrual problems and PMS.

Energy:  Self-discovery, intuition, insight, goddess
Element:  Wind
Birthstone:  June
Chakra:  Crown
Source:  India, Sri Lanka, Australia

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